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Фотография. "Творчество"
"Peripheries become the center". Praguebiennale 1. National Gallery, Veletrzni Palac, Prague.

The drawings are pictures of reality. They come from peripheries… Where is the center? The creative splashes are beyond borders and cultural differences. The anonymous authors of universal creativity have their prototypes thousands of kilometers away… The rudimental culture is created by the motifs of "perpetum mobile" and is by definition impossible. Or is it possible - thanks to the gesture of the creator wearing short trousers, whose hand is moved by another Creator?........Каждое произведение имеет оригинальное название и конкретный день создания. (15-20 см. Машинная фотопечать. c-print. ed.#1/20, 2002/2002/2006.) (Price: 1100$) (Каталог.)

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